Shooter 8 Piece Set


8 piece shooter gift set.

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The set shooters:

Kahlua: Kahlua and espresso infused dark chocolate ganache topped with a chocolate covered coffee bean

Pina Colada: White chocolate ganache made with Malibu Black Caribbean rum, infused with pineapple juice and pina colada mixer topped with coconut

Fire Jack: Milk chocolate ganache made with Jack Daniels and infused with cinnamon topped with red sugar crystals

Druken Banana Split: Banana rum infused milk and white chocolate ganache, with caramel and maraschino cherry juice, topped with strawberry flavored white chocolate drizzle and crushed peanut

Lemon Drop: Smirnoff Citrus and white chocolate ganache infused with lemon juice and topped with coarse sea salt

Wild Turkey: Milk chocolate ganache made with Wild Turkey bourbon, smooth caramel and crushed pecan topped with toffee crumble

Irish Cream: Bailey’s infused dark chocolate gananche topped with mint white chocolate shavings

Razzmatazz: Dark chocolate ganache made with Dekuyper’s Razzmatazz schnapps topped with dark chocolate curls